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Chapter 8
Chapter 8. Construction
Chapter 8. History of creation
Chapter 8. Advantages
Chapter 8. Trial run
Chapter 8. Manufacture
Chapter 8. Further destiny


light machine gun

The first USSR developed light machine gun
launched in mass production.
This most singular model of the Maxim-Tokarev light machine gun can be viewed in the Museum’s exposition.
The most critical structural change introduced as compared with the Maxim light machine gun is the substitution of water cooling by air cooling principle.
Air-cooling jacket
For convenience, the gun was equipped with a wooden butt stock having a trigger guard with a firing trigger and safety bolt mounted on its neck. Fire could be delivered by holding the machine gun in hands, or in the supine position with the barrel resting on a leg.
Butt stock
The main weapon design remained unchanged.
3D: Assemble a machine gun
Butt stock
Fore sight
Machine gun
belt receiver
3D: Shooting
Like the Maxim machine gun, it used a canvas belt for 100 or 250 rounds, which was placed in a steel box.
Folding legs were attached to the barrel jacket.
Folding legs
3D: Disassemble
a machine gun
In the early 20s, the Red Army did not have a domestic machine gun, and the troops used foreign models. In 1925, the Tula designer Fedor Vasilievich Tokarev proposed his model created as a successor of the Maxim machine gun.
Maxim–Tokarev light machine gun was accepted into service with the Red Army on May 25, 1925.
Maxim–Tokarev light machine gun production was launched at the Tula Arms Factory.
The Tula Arms Factory launched the production of light machine guns beginning from July 1, 1925. Their mass production began in November 1926.
The factory release 2450 pcs in 1926–1927.
Maxim–Tokarev light machine gun was used by the army until 1927 when it was gradually substituted by a new model — Degtyarev DP-27.
During the Civil War 1936–1939 in Spain, the Soviet Union delivered a number of Maxim-Tokarev light machine guns to the soldiers of the Republican army.
History of Firearms and Bladed Weapons from 1914 until 1945
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