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Chapter 7
Chapter 7. Further destiny of automatic rifles
Chapter 7. History of use
Chapter 7. Construction
Chapter 7. Manufacture
Chapter 7. Further destiny

automatic rifle

The weapon is similar to the self-inflicted rifles, but it has a side magazine for 25 rounds with a shorter barrel with a grip to make the weapon suitable for a wide range of combat tasks.
Vladimir Grigoryevich Fedorov used the following words to describe his invention
The first pilot models of them were assembled at Sestroretsk Arms Factory.
In January 1918, it was decided to establish the manufacture of automatic rifles at the Kovrov Machine Gun Factory.
A total of 3200 Fedorov machine guns were manufactured over a short production period from 1916 to 1925.
Wooden gunstock
Additional holding grip
Fore sight with a back sight

Fedorov automatic rifle in the collection of the Tula Museum of Weapons is a rare specimen.
Fire-control lever
The design of the firing mechanism allows firing single shots (“a” mode) or bursts (“b” mode).
The effect of automation is based on
recoiling the barrel in a short travel.
Rounds in the magazine were arranged
in two rows chequerwise.
3D: Assemble an
automatic rifle
The bore is locked by two swinging symmetrical heads located on breechlock sides. During a shot, they release the breechlock which recoils to the extreme rear position.
Design features of the Fedorov automatic rifle
Use of Japanese rifle cartridge type caliber 6.5 mm
The front of the fore-end accommodates a steel channel with egg-shaped through holes and blade-type bayonet lug
Higher capacity magazine for 25 cartridges
The total length of the barrel is less than that of a common rifle
3D: Shooting
Military operations of the First World War required
the creation of light automatic weapons.

Vladimir Grigoryevich Fedorov is justly considered
the founder of the school of design
of automatic weapons in Russia.
Fedorov automatic rifles were delivered to the special company of the 189th regiment of Izmail, which in December 1916 was sent to the battle-front.

Automatic rifles were also used by Russian military pilots.
They were not widespread due to the complexity of the design. The last time they were used during the Soviet-Finnish war due to the shortage of light automatic weapons.
History of Firearms and Bladed Weapons from 1914 until 1945
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